AdHocManagement was founded in 2005 with the objective of proposing to companies, associations and organizations training courses and multimedia products aimed at the teaching and learning of adults. The intention was for everything to be done in a more effective, simple and enjoyable way.

Research applied to the specific needs, culture and communication style of each enterprise has characterized, as always, everything we do. As well as the originality of our proposals, this approach has stood out for its ability to move in harmony with the intentions and expectations of the customer.

Over the years, “tailor-made” has become our mantra, motivated by the will to be effective within the perimeters of specificity, prudence and exclusivity. This is why we chose to be AdHoc: to build up activities and products tailored to organizations and to the people that are a part of them.

In 2014 AdHocManagement has become simply AdHoc, preserving "Management" only as a business name and making it easier to pronounce the brand. At the same time we decided to renew the logo. So we thought of an irreverent association of ideas, coming up with this:

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